Rules and agreements Please, study the following rules thoroughly before signing in.

You should be of legal age according to the laws of your country. Only under this condition, you will be allowed to participate in the program. In any case, you must be not younger than 18.

The general public is not accessible to Only qualified members of can receive permission to use this site. All options of the site are allowable, particularly for our members and people who were personally invited by them. All deposits are made as private transactions between the and its members.

This program is not subject to the US Securities Act of 1933, the US Securities Exchange Act of 1934, the US Investment Company Act of 1940, and similar acts, regulations, amendments, and rules. The deposits are not insured by Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. Our company cannot be considered a certified bank or a security firm.

You agree that the information that you receive from this site should be kept private. All materials or communications of are given on the condition that they will never be unveiled. What is more, the information, communications, and materials that are suggested for the users of this site are not to be considered an unlawful investment or solicitation proposed by jurisdiction or illegal offers made by any person who has no legal right to make such offers or solicitation.

All the information that is given to by a member will be kept secret. Any third party will never get permission to the data. At the same time, does not take responsibility for cases of information leaking if it accidentally happens.

The Participant agrees to hold the Fund harmless of any liability regarding possible loss of Participant's funds during investment process. Participant understands that every investment he makes is been monitored and safe by the company experts you have nothing to worry about your funds as we take full responsibility of it we guarantee you safe investment process on this long term project.

We are not responsible for any damages and cost losses that may happen as a result of members improper use of our website or violation of terms and conditions. You are not allowed to use this site in any criminal or prohibited way. You guarantee not to break your local, national, and international laws.

Before posting a bad vote on Public Forums you should get in touch with the Company technical support. The problem with your transaction might have appeared as a result of a technical lapse. Please, find out the reason why the problem appeared and only after that contact the company technical support.

Spam or any type of use is not acceptable in this program. Members who overload our site with spam are blocked soon afterward and will never be accepted to the program again. has the right of declining or accepting a new participant without any justification.

If the above disclaimer does not correspond to your expectations and you do not agree with its content, please, do not go any further.